European ballot papers for up to 27 candidates

Published 28 January 2014 in 

Whereas Individual Electoral Registration is new to everyone European Elections are commonplace to Print Image Network Ltd, and this year is no different.  We have been working with local councils across England to resolve outstanding technical printing challenges relating to the 2014 long ballot papers.  So far we are handling requirements for 10 out of 11 voting regions and we are one of the few electoral specialists who can print European ballot papers to accommodate up to 27 candidates.

The ballot paper has changed from 2009 but we are working with councils and the Cabinet Office to comply with latest legislation.  Following the Cabinet Office meeting of 23 January 2014 we can now advise customers that there is no law about the width but it is preferred that the width does not differ within a region.  The placement of the official mark can go anywhere but most customers are opting for top left or right on the front, although a number also want it on the reverse.

With such a busy year for elections Print Image Network is advising local councils that have yet to book their requirements with a specialist printer to do so as soon as possible.  The closer we get to May 2014 the busier we become, so if you need assistance to manage your requirements please contact us today.

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