Hybrid Mail Printing

Small quantity print and mail solution

Network Post hybrid mail printing solution allows users to create cost-effective and secure letters and mailings on their office or home computer. Once complete, mailings are sent to a central, secure facility for printing and mailing for next day delivery. This flexibility makes it an ideal professional print and mail service for small volume mailings as there are no minimum quantity restrictions and can be used as often as needed. Local authority staff can use it at the office or from home.

How Network Post Hybrid Mail Works

Network Post hybrid mail printing is a very simple process and offers minimal effort for the user. Simply download our printer driver and begin saving time and money on your mailings!
Hybrid Mail Printing

Network Post User

  1. The user creates a document or mail merge on their work or home PC or laptop
  1. Select the Network Post printer driver and prints the mailing (no minimum quantity)
Hybrid Mail Printing

Print Image Network

  1. Print Image Network’s secure facility receives and prints the mailing according to the user’s specification (black and white or colour / postage / envelope size)
  1. The mailing gets collected by Royal Mail and delivered

Hybrid Mail Printing Options

A4 mailings (no minimum quantity)
Colour or Black & White
1st or 2nd Class Postage
DL or C5 Envelopes

Benefits of Hybrid Mail

Easy to install the remote printer driver
Use safely from your own home or office
Print as few or as many letters and mailings as you need
Safe and secure UK print facility – ISO and GDPR compliant
No pre-printed stationery needed
Full colour or black and white options
1st or 2nd Class Postage
One itemised monthly invoice to track spending

Network Post & Local Authorities

Our Network Post hybrid mail printing solution can be used by every department within your local authority, making your organisation run more efficiently by saving time and money.

The Network Post printer driver can be downloaded to a PC or laptop or to a network, making it accessible to everyone.  Network Post hybrid mail is successfully used by our customers in electoral administration and is used for many different types of mailings.

Postal and Proxy Vote Applications

Absent Voter Acknowledgement

Confirmation Letters

Reminder Letters

Unsolicited Confirmation Acknowledgements

Review Letters

Deletion Letters

Name Change Acknowledgements

Attainer Letters

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