Community Ballots & Elections

With our extensive experience in statutory election print and mail, we are well placed to carry out all types of community ballots and elections. Neighbourhood Planning Referendums, Community Governance Reviews and Regeneration Ballots, all seek the opinion of residents within a local community and therefore require balloting processes to gauge opinion.

Neighbourhood Planning Referendums

Neighbourhood Planning Referendums aim to help local communities play a direct role in planning the areas in which they live and work. Prepared by ‘relevant’ councils or neighbourhood forums, the plan can show how the local community wants the land to be used and developed in its area.

If the plan passes the basic standard by an independent examiner, the council will organise a referendum, ensuring the community has the final say on whether a neighbourhood plan or order comes into force. If more than 50% of people voting in the referendum support the plan or order, then the local planning authority must bring it into force.

We regularly carry out Neighbourhood Planning Referendums for local authority customers, helping to coordinate the ballot papers, postal votes, and poll cards for neighbourhood residents who are registered to vote in local elections (and will therefore be entitled to vote in a referendum). We also provide corresponding number lists for polling station staff.
Community Ballots

Community Governance Reviews

A Community Governance Review (CGR) is a review carried out by a principal council of the whole or part of its area. The review may look at establishing one or more outcomes relating to parishes and provides an opportunity to review and make changes to community governance within an area.

Whatever the reason for the Community Governance Review initiation, we can carry out the postal ballot quickly and efficiently as a fair and impartial way of listening to residents’ views. The set-up time for a Community Governance Review ballot is minimal and they can be handled promptly with minimal input required by the principal council.

Regeneration Ballots

When a local area is subject to major disruption due to regeneration and the demolishing of old homes to build new ones, members of the local community must be in favour of the work.

In London, where a proposed development is over 150 new homes and the local authority needs to demolish existing homes, a regeneration ballot will be held. Voters will include council tenants, resident leaseholders and others living on an estate.

A regeneration ballot will ask residents to make a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision on the issue of whether to proceed with an estate regeneration scheme. We can provide a traditional paper ballot and response mechanism, or we can develop an online voting platform where tenants and leaseholders can cast their votes online with speed, security and efficiency.

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