Canvass & Registration

Print Image Network is at the forefront of canvass and registration printing for local authorities. Operating across the country we offer a customer-centric canvass and registration printing service for local authorities looking for an expert print partner. Our qualified team comprises of electoral print and mail specialists and offers local authorities quality, security, and legislative assurances, which are critical when undertaking statutory election, canvass and registration printing.

We are experts in this field and have strong affiliations with the Cabinet Office, The Association of Electoral Administrators, and The Electoral Commission. Through these affiliations we remain up to date with the latest legislation.
Canvass and Registration Printing

Annual Canvass Printing

With decades of experience in the print and mail of annual canvass forms and letters and working closely with our affiliates, we have always been at the forefront of legislation. We are always quick to respond to changes to make sure annual canvass printing runs smoothly for local authorities. In 2020, under the new Canvass Reform, we printed millions of the following types of canvass forms, letters, and envelopes for councils across the UK. For ease, we provide customers with our base specification package, which can then be tailored to the individual routes required by the council.
Canvass Communication A (CCAs)
Canvass Communication B (CCBs)
Canvass Forms (CFs)
Invitation to Register (ITRs)
Special category elector forms
Associated envelopes
IER letters
Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs)

Customer Satisfaction

Canvass Reform
We achieved a 100% customer satisfaction score for our 2021 canvass reform customer survey, which means our customers thought our print and mail service during this period was excellent.
  • It is all down to trust and overall customer service delivered by proactive and knowledgeable account managers. Products are always first class, and everything is always carried out in a timely and professional manner.
    Canvass and Registration Printing
  • Print Image Network is very reliable and knowledgeable. The team is able to advise and accommodate changes, which is important during these strange times.
  • Our account manager is very proactive, the lead times between sending data and dispatch is much less than with other providers.

Maintaining the Electoral Register

As part of our canvass and registration printing service, we support registration activity throughout the year.
Personal Identifier Refresh
Postal Vote Application Forms & Letters
Household Notification Letters (HNLs)

Personal Identifier Refresh

The Personal Identifier Refresh applies to all postal and proxy voters, who upon application provided a signature and date of birth. Once five years has passed, local authorities need to refresh the signature, according to the law.

The print and mail process of sending a form, followed by reminders, will be handled by an experienced account manager. Electoral teams will need only supply data and a form design if required (although we have templates in any case).
Canvass and Registration Printing
Canvass and Registration Printing

Postal Vote Application Forms & Letters

We can accommodate any size postal vote mailing in the UK and abroad. As well as the requirement for one of these forms to be sent out with the cancellation advice from the PI Refresh process, there are often times during the year when councils may need us to carry out bulk mailings. We can used council artwork or one of our own in-house templates.

Household Notification Letters (HNLs)

Household notification letters are an essential part of our canvass and registration printing package. Although not prescribed, HNLs are essential to ensure completeness and accuracy of your register.

The period leading up to the May polls gives local authorities the opportunity to encourage registrations from people not on the register and check for inaccuracies. We have our own HNL template which is based on the most recent template from the Electoral Commission and so includes all the information required to encourage a positive response. Local authorities can submit their own artwork if preferred.
Canvass and Registration Printing

Postal Service Discounts

As a leading provider of print and mail to councils throughout the UK, we mail millions of printed items each year. In doing so, we have gained expert knowledge of postal service discounts for local authority mailings.
With dedicated contacts at Royal Mail and DSA providers, our team is always informed of the latest developments, services and postal discounts that we can pass on to our local authority customers.

Our dedicated account managers will liaise directly with the postal provider to ensure that all product specifications and mailing criteria are met, warranting efficient delivery and postal service discounts for your post.
All data processing carried out by Print Image Network is done under secure, confidential, and fully tested conditions to ISO27001:2013 standards.

Network Post Hybrid Mail for Registration

Another solution within our canvass and registration printing portfolio is Network Post hybrid mail solution. It is perfect for local authorities who want to print ad-hoc, small quantity A4 mailings, which makes it ideal for non-bulk, simple ‘in-house’ registration mailings.

This solution allows users to create mailings from an office or home environment and send them to a central print facility, where the job will be printed, fulfilled and mailed for you.

We simply provide you with a link to download our Network Post printer driver and supply you with login access to a management portal, where you will be able to provide access to additional users.

Benefits of Network Post


Get personalised, secure registration mailings out quickly

Safe and secure:

Accredited to ISO27001 and fully compliant with GDPR

Improves productivity:

Staff can get on with more productive tasks

Management portal:

Track your jobs and costs via your dedicated login

Easy to install and simple to use:

No need to spend lots of time training staff

Eliminates stock and technology obsolescence:

Reduces the amount of stationery needed and offers less investment in the latest in-house printer technology

Brand quality and consistency:

Templates ensure mailings look the same throughout your organisation

Reduces business costs:

Save on resource, stock and print costs

Encouraging Registration Responses: Support Items

To assist with your canvass and registration activity, we also have a range of popular printed items that help councils to support their annual efforts.
Canvass and Registration Printing
Canvass Postcards
Postcards are an effective way of encouraging responses from canvass activity. They are versatile and can be sent by post or manually posted by door-to-door canvasser. They are also cost-effective. We have designed a range of response postcards from less-formal, direct-mail looking postcards to official-looking poll card postcards, the choice is yours.
Canvass and Registration Printing
Attainer Cards
Depending on where you live in the UK, when a person attains the age of 16, 17 or 18 it is very important for them to know they can vote, and just as importantly how they can vote. Our birthday cards are very popular with local authorities, especially the ones who are keen to improve registration numbers with a younger demographic. The inside page can be used for ‘how to vote’ instructions.

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