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Print Image Network is a leading provider of electoral print and mail. Operating across the country we offer a customer-centric print and mail service to local authorities looking for an expert print partner. Our qualified team comprises of electoral print and mail specialists and offers local authority customers quality, security, and legislative assurances, which are critical when undertaking statutory election, canvass and registration printing.

We are experts in this field and have strong affiliations with the Cabinet Office, The Association of Electoral Administrators, and The Electoral Commission. Through these affiliations, we remain up to date with the latest legislation. We also go through rigorous assessments to ensure we are accredited to the standards needed to be a local authority provider. Therefore, we have ISO 9001, ISO 27001, Investor in People Gold, Customer Service Excellence, and Cyber Essentials accreditations.

Election Printing

We provide an election printing service to local authorities across the country. Since 2000, we have been a trusted print partner with a core print product range of poll cards, postal votes, ballot papers, and other mailings for all types of UK statutory elections.

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Electoral Print and Mail

Postal Vote Solutions

We have a range of award-winning postal vote solutions, which have enhanced the accuracy and response from postal voters by providing a clear, easy, efficient and cost-effective method of marking and returning a completed postal vote.

Our postal voting products have won awards for Innovation & Creativity in a Direct Mail Piece, Best SME Supplier Innovation and Excellence in Public Procurement, all of which demonstrate how the application of lateral thinking can improve the process of issuing and responding to a postal vote.

We have four postal vote collections from which local authorities can choose the product that best suits their needs - Voter-Peel, Auto-Pocket, Flexi-Vote and Econovote.

Postal Vote Families



Voter-Peel is one piece of paper containing the elector’s address area, the Postal Voting Statement (PVS) and two colour-coded self-adhesive labels, which the elector affixes to envelopes “A” & “B.” The document can also be extended to leave a clear area for a ballot paper. Typically, label “A” will show the ballot paper number plus a postcode to identify the authority. Label “B” will show the precise return address, licence number and Ward, where Ward sortation applies. We have three Voter-Peel solutions – Voter-Peel, Voter-Peel Plus and Voter-Peel Connect.

Unique Features of Voter-Peel:
All personalisation details are on one piece of paper meaning an inherent guarantee of no mismatches.
Colour coded sticky labels for the elector to affix to envelopes A & B.


Auto-Pocket was developed at the request of local authorities that preferred to use a product where the ballot paper envelope “A” was attached to the Postal Voting Statement (often referred to as a one-piece-mailer). The base form has the outgoing address in the top panel, next to the instructions, which is detached before returning. The Postal Voting Statement sits immediately underneath and below this is the integral envelope “A”, attached to the PVS by means of a perforation. On completion, the ballot paper is securely sealed within the integral envelope “A” by self-adhesive tape before its insertion into envelope “B”. We have two Auto-Pocket solutions – Auto-Pocket and Auto-Pocket Plus.

Unique Features of Auto-Pocket:
PVS is attached to envelope A by means of a perforation (one-piece mailer).
Outgoing elector address is on a separate section above the Postal Voting Statement.
Uses window envelope B.
All personalisation details are lasered meaning any information or configuration can be accommodated.


The Flexi-Vote postal vote design uses plain white paper, lasered to your specifications and caters for lots of candidates (14 and 20). The pack includes “A” and “B” window envelopes and an outer envelope. All details are lasered on to plain white paper meaning any information or configuration can be accommodated (no separate leaflet required). We have three Flexi-Vote solutions – Flexi-14, Flexi-20 and Flexi-Worldwide.

Due to the flexibility of the pack, configurations between Flexi-14 and Flexi-20 differ slightly in terms of voting instructions and return address instructions.
Our standard product has the ballot paper attached to the PVS section by means of a perforation, further ballot papers can be printed, and machine matched/inserted into the pack for combined elections. 

Unique Features of Flexi-Vote 14 & 20:
Ballot paper attached to Postal Voting Statement (PVS) by means of a perforation.
Flexible outgoing elector and return address positioning.
Uses window envelopes A & B.


Econo-vote is a traditional type postal voting pack with the ballot paper loose in the outer envelope. The pack also contains separate “A” & “B” envelopes matched to a personalised Postal Voting Statement. This product works well for by-elections as the lower volumes are easily manageable and more cost-effective than producing a pack with a more complex specification. For larger volumes, we use intelligent optical/mechanical matching where characters or barcodes are read by the inserting machine to ensure the integrity of the pack. There is a choice of having numbered envelope “A”s or a window, with the options for envelope “B”.

Unique Features of Econo-Vote:
Best suited for early production of overseas and by-election postal vote packs or generally low volumes.
Ballot paper is loose in the pack and NOT attached to Postal Voting Statement (PVS) by means of a perforation.
“Traditional” type pack.
All details are lasered onto plain white paper meaning different configurations can be accommodated.

Poll Cards

Our electoral print and mail offering includes the printing of all types of poll cards including ordinary poll, proxy, postal poll card, postal proxy. To direct your voters to their nearest polling station we can print poll cards with maps. Don’t worry if your map isn’t clear – we offer a re-drawing service for councils that require this. 

We also print poll cards on different coloured stock, if requested. Poll cards can be delivered to you for canvasser delivery or sorted to suit the lowest possible postage rates.
Electoral Print and Mail

Ballot Papers

Each year we produce thousands of different legislatively-compliant ballot papers for council customers each year, for many different types of elections. Our production capabilities enable us to print all different types of ballot papers including long ballot papers (if standard single column ballot paper can accommodate up to 38 candidates), ordinary and tendered, colour paper choices for different types of elections, large print, Braille and laminated.

We also make it easy for councils with the way we package ballot books, which is per polling station. Your delivery will be clearly labelled describing which ordinary and which tendered books are within. This way ballot books can be easily checked and handed to the Presiding Officers in the minimum amount of time. All ballot books are delivered by secure door to door delivery drivers and are fully traceable.

Postal Service Discounts

As a leading provider of print and mail to councils throughout the UK, we mail millions of printed items each year. In doing so, we have gained expert knowledge of postal service discounts for local authority mailings.
With dedicated contacts at Royal Mail and DSA providers, our team is always informed of the latest developments, services and postal discounts that we can pass on to our local authority customers.

Our dedicated account managers will liaise directly with the postal provider to ensure that all product specifications and mailing criteria are met, warranting efficient delivery and postal service discounts for your post.
All data processing carried out by Print Image Network is done under secure, confidential, and fully tested conditions to ISO27001:2013 standards.

Electoral Support Items

To assist with your elections, we also have a range of popular printing items that help councils to effectively manage activity at their polling stations and assist with the ballot paper counting on election day.

Corresponding Number Lists & Registers

Identify voters with our Corresponding Number List (CNLs) and registers, which can be printed on white or coloured paper.

Grass Skirts & 
Count Sheets

Effectively count ballot paper votes with our simple count solutions


Make sure everyone has the chance to vote if they arrive at the polling station before 10pm

Count Security Passes & Lanyards

Visible and reusable method of tracking who is at your count

Count Security 

Cost-effective methods of tracking who is at your count

Polling Station 

Ensure people know where you are and what to do with appropriate signage.

Large, Translated and
Braille Ballot Papers

Ensure inclusivity of your electorate with different types of ballot papers

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