Are you geared up for IER?

Published 28 January 2014 in 

With Individual Electoral Registration dates confirmed for England, Wales and Scotland the electoral registration changeover means local councils can begin to plan activity with a clearer understanding of the technical print requirements of IER forms.

Following the Cabinet Office supplier meeting on 23 January 2014 Print Image Network has further clarity on the format of confirmation letters, ITR and HEF forms and is currently working with customers to discuss the technical production of the A3 forms. We have also welcomed new customers on-board to assist them through the change. 

Our production plan is in place to meet confirmed schedules but as the dates draw closer the nearer we become to print production capacity. Therefore, if authorities do find themselves in need of assistance in the next couple of months our advice is to contact us as soon as you can.

Print Image Network will have updates on Welsh forms and IER forms of the end of January 2014.

If you need assistance with IER please contact us on 0161 209 4800 or send an email to, we will be on-hand to help steer you through this transition period.

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