Don’t leave it too late to order grass skirts, summary sheets, wristbands and queue cards

With the General Election less than two months away, local councils across the country are busy working with electoral suppliers such as Print Image Network and the like to produce the millions of postal votes, poll cards and ballot papers, which will flood homes and polling stations in the weeks to come.

We’re working hard to deliver these core products to our customers, however our electoral print goes beyond these items. So, if your council needs grass skirts, summary sheets and security wristbands for your count - or queue cards for your polling stations, then Print Image Network can help you in the coming weeks.

To find out more about these products visit our electoral printing page. If you are using grass skirts to count your votes you may be interested in our FREE training video here. Plus, we have developed summary sheets which correspond to our small and large grass skirts.

If your council needs to order grass skirts and summary sheets, wristbands or queue cards then contact us today: -

Tel: 0161 209 4800