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Published 14 May 2014 in 

Print Image Network Ltd prepares customers for imminent CLR dates

Print Image Network Ltd, one of the UK’s leading providers of Local Authority electoral printing services, has been preparing to help customers as the IER transition approaches.

As CLR dates are fast-approaching for councils across England and Wales, Electoral Services Managers are turning to Print Image Network to help prepare for IER. The huge pressures of European and local elections, just weeks before the transition date has meant that many customers have welcomed the fact that we are proactive in helping develop forms, letters and envelopes. Our approach to form preparation, solutions for printing scenarios and pricing is helping customers plan for their CLR dates, post 22 May.

Print Image Network has kept a close eye on the IER developments, and through our links with the Cabinet Office and the Electoral Commission we are conversant with the legislation relating to IER forms, letters and envelopes, this means we are able to work with our customers to overcome the print and distribution complexities involved in the IER transition.

Preparing for different scenarios we have developed print solutions to handle long and short print runs of A3 HEFs and ITRs, and A4 confirmation letters. The initial launch and reminder stages of IER will generate large print runs of HEFs, ITRs and confirmation letters which we will handle in the same professional manner as the previous canvass work. Our approach is to utilise the standard forms issued by the Electoral Commission and will tailor (where legislation allows) to suit your councils requirements and can take receipt of your data using our secure methods of transfer. Forms can be mailed using the best postal rates or sent for canvasser delivery.

For the councils that don’t have an in-house solution to manage small volume, ad-hoc runs of HEFs and ITRs, we propose our ‘Group Run’ solution which works on a collaborative print run basis with other councils. This approach means that you can avoid small, frequent print runs and benefit from cost savings by avoiding one-off print set-up fees for small jobs.

Finally, we have two solutions for your ad-hoc A4 confirmation letters. We can print using the ‘Group Run’ solution or councils can download our Network Post printer driver. Network Post is a pay-as-you-mail solution to A4 printing that requires little effort on the customer’s part. Confirmation letter mailings are generated in-house at your Local Authority but printed and mailed at our secure facility, taking the time consuming tasks of printing, filling and franking away from you.

John Foster, Managing Director of Print Image Network commented on the company’s approach “We have known for some time that the complexities of the IER transition would result in customers looking to us for support, that’s why we are developing forms and letters with our customers in anticipation of their CLR dates.” He continued, ‘If we know a customer’s requirements we can quickly begin to develop a print production schedule to fit in with their CLR dates ensuring this fits with the nationwide advertising campaign. We endeavour to help as many Local Authorities through the IER transition as possible.”

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