Celebrating Local Election Success for 2024!

Published 16 May 2024 in 
UK Polling Station

As we close the doors on the 2024 May local elections, the Print Image Network team celebrate the success of our hard work and dedication in helping local councils across the UK, to plan and execute their election processes and campaigns.  We played a pivotal role in providing essential print services as their trusted partner.

The local elections took place Thursday 2 May 2024 in the following authorities in England:

  • 58 district authorities
  • 18 unitary authorities
  • 31 metropolitan districts.

As well as police and crime commissioner and a range of combined authority and mayoral elections.

The May polls and local elections in 2024 marked a significant milestone for us, as we collaborated with many of these local councils to deliver high-quality, timely, printed materials relating to electorate turnout and engagement; from poll cards, postal votes and ballot papers to informational leaflets and on the day, support items, our team worked tirelessly to ensure that voters and local councils received accurate and informative materials ahead of polling day.

After completing the production and mailing of over 7 million poll cards UK wide, we then followed up with the production and mailing of over 1.5 million postal votes and 10 million ballot papers, which covered over 300 elections. Plus, all supporting ancillary products for local authorities around the UK.

Not stopping there, we also printed and mailed over 3.5 million mayoral booklets for two large mayoral combined authorities, receiving data from 22 local authorities to do this.

Our commitment to excellence, customer support and accuracy was reflected in the flurry of positive feedback emails from our customers. Thank you to all the local councils who chose to partner with us for their 2024 elections!

Kelly, thank you for all your help during the elections you were great as always! 😊” – Andrew at Local Borough Authority

“Thanks to you and your colleagues for all the work you’ve put in getting everything ready for us – it’s very much appreciated 😊” – Luke at Local Borough Authority

“Thanks Sharon and thanks so much for your support!” – Mick at Local Borough Authority

“Thanks for your help over the weeks leading into last week’s election – you make what could be very difficult very easy!” – Sian at Local County Authority

Message from John Foster….

"Once again, our Team has linked in seamlessly with all of our customer Electoral Managers to help, advise and deliver all printing and mailing items with superb accuracy and timeliness. Election times are never easy, and it is a cool. calm, professional attitude that will win through. We have an extremely experienced Team throughout the Company, and everybody works tirelessly for the benefit of … the Elector and enabling democracy. I would very much like to thank all involved here in our offices and factories, but also our customer contacts who have a very difficult job but are always a pleasure to work with. Thank you 😊."

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