Case Study
Network Post Hybrid Mail

The Background
As part of its responsibility to provide local services and facilities, our client represents an electorate of over circa 200,000 voters. The Electoral Services department at the council is responsible for electoral registration, elections and referenda.
The Project
To effectively communicate with a large electorate, the county council has worked with electoral printing specialist Print Image Network for more than a decade. The company manages the complexities of the specialised print, fulfilment and mailing that is often required with registration forms, postal votes and ballot papers. However, the council still managed smaller, less complex in-house mailings, which required significant man-hours from internal staff to print, fold and insert mailings. The in-house mailings incurred franking and envelope costs and meant that office printers were becoming increasingly busy.
The Solution
Print Image Network introduced the council to its Network Post hybrid mail solution for small volume, A4 mailings. Network Post allows the council employees to create documents on their desktops and send securely to an offsite production facility, where the mailings are printed, fulfilled and posted, without using any internal resource. Council staff members can access Network Post by simply downloading a printer driver, which is selected in place of their regular office printer. At the same time employees can select a pre-loaded letterhead (or any other council stationery), a DL or C5 envelope size, and a simplex or duplex print choice. For documents that require colour, employees are also able to select the colour print option.
The Results
The council now processes all types of documentation through Network Post. Employees in the electoral services department print thousands of documents per month, including postal vote application mailings, confirmation and reminder letters and non-responder mailings. The simplicity of Network Post allows mailings to be sent out in a secure manner without getting staff involved in the production side of the mailing, which is especially important during busy election periods. Furthermore, documentation can be sent out on standard templates which ensures brand consistency every time.
  • “Network Post has transformed the way we send small volume in-house mailings. It is so easy to use and there is no need for additional training. We like the way we can choose the different functions, such as colour or black and white, DL or C5 envelopes and first or second-class post. We also find the solution extremely cost-effective, in some cases sending a letter costs less than a second-class stamp. Also, we find the solution saves a huge amount of our time internally. Team members can now get on with more productive tasks.”

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