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Electoral registration and communication services from the leading electoral services supplier

As one of the leading, award-winning electoral printing and mailing specialists, Print Image Network offers a range of services to help councils with electoral registration.

Electoral Registration (Canvass)
Personal Identifier Refresh
Postal Vote Application Forms & Letters
Network Post (Hybrid Mail for Electoral Registration)
Encouraging Registration Responses – Support Items

Electoral Registration (Canvass)

Invitation to Register, Household Enquiry Forms and Reminder Letters

We print and mail Household Enquiry Forms, Invitation to Register forms, confirmation and reminder letters for councils across the country.  Working alongside The Cabinet Office and the Electoral Commission, we’ve always been at the forefront of legislation and we are always quick to set new forms ready for our council customers.

We have built strong partnerships with a growing number of UK local authorities who trust us to handle their registration (main runs and ad hoc mailings). Furthermore, our hybrid mail solution, Network Post, is ideal for A4 format ad hoc mailings, such as reminder letters.

All our HEF and ITR envelope specifications adhere to the Electoral Commission’s recommendations and go through all relevant approvals and are despatched by either Royal Mail or alternative postal providers.

We can further support your canvass efforts with printed items such as empty property calling cards and reminder cards, posters and banners, and 18th birthday voting cards.

Personal Identifier Refresh

To maintain security, as voter’s signatures are likely to change from time-to-time, the law requires councils to capture a fresh signature from Absent Voters every five years, with a reminder sent if there is no response.  We have developed a very efficient method of handling this process which is simple, cost-effective and couldn’t be easier to administer.  Our experienced account managers will handle this process for you.

Postal Vote Application Forms & Letters

As well as the requirement for one of these forms to be sent out with the cancellation advice from the PI Refresh process, there are often times during the year when councils may need us to carry out bulk mailings. If this is the case then please ask to see samples of our standard letters and forms.

Network Post (Hybrid Mail for Electoral Registration)

Network Post is our hybrid mail solution for A4 colour and black and white mailings. It’s perfect for confirmation and reminder letters, Type A reviews, postal vote cancellations, and removal from open register mailings.

 Benefits of Network Post

  • Efficiency:  Get personalised, secure registration mailings out quickly to individuals
  • Safe and secure: Accredited to ISO27001 and fully compliant with GDPR
  • Improves productivity: Staff can get on with more productive tasks
  • Easy to install and simple to use: No need to spend lots of time training staff
  • Eliminates stock and technology obsolescence: Reduces the amount of stationery needed and offers less investment in the latest in-house printer technology
  • Brand quality and consistency: Templates ensure mailings look the same throughout your organisation
  • Reduces business costs: Save on resource, stock and print costs
  • Management portal: Track your jobs and costs via your dedicated login

Encouraging Registration Responses – Support Items

Printed materials to raise awareness and to encourage registration


Postcards are an effective way of encouraging registration responses, they are also cost-effective.  We have designed a range of response postcards, from less-formal, direct-mail looking postcards to official-looking poll card postcards, the choice is yours.

Attainer Cards – You are 18! Now you can vote!

When a person attains the age of 18 it is very important for them to know they can vote, and just as importantly how they can vote.  Despite the increase of technology among this age group, surprisingly our birthday cards are still very popular with local authorities, especially the ones who are keen to improve registration numbers with a younger demographic. The inside page can be used for ‘how to vote’ instructions. Take a look at our birthday card brochure >>