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Customer Satisfaction

Whatever your commercial print and mail project, be it printing business cards and stationery or a large direct mail project, our expert team goes the extra mile to ensure your job is done in accordance with your requirements, objectives, and budget.

That’s why we hold the Customer Satisfaction Excellence Standard and have a current satisfaction rating of 100%
Working with us

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Each year we carry out a customer satisfaction survey. Our current customer satisfaction rate stands at 100%.

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As part of our ISO 9001 and Customer Service Excellence standards, we operate a robust onboarding process to welcome clients. Choosing a print partner is sometimes met with a little uncertainty, that is why our onboarding process aims to mitigate concerns about a new supplier relationship, inspiring confidence that our appointment is the correct choice for your business and your commercial print requirements.

During the new client onboarding process, we will build a relationship with key stakeholders, address any concerns, make introductions, and generally start our first process together in the most efficient way possible.

1. Compliance:

After being appointed as your commercial print provider, we will begin the transfer of paperwork for both parties to sign, in particular, our GDPR and data relationship agreement. Your company will be set up on our internal systems and will be provided with secure access to all of the necessary systems required to fulfil our obligations (such as data and file transfer).

2. Welcome:

We will welcome you and your team officially by introducing you to your dedicated commercial print and mail account manager. This person will work with you on a daily basis and will ultimately be responsible for the smooth running of your project. This can be done face-to-face or remotely, whichever is preferred.

3. Consultation:

At this stage, the dedicated account manager and sales director will meet with your team to get an understanding of your business and your commercial printing needs, be that print management services or taking a brief for a direct mail campaign. We will understand the exact nature of the project and any specific nuances which may be pertinent to the project.

4. Planning:

This stage relates to the specifics of your project. For example, for a commercial print client, this could mean carrying out a print audit or perhaps planning the stages of a direct mail campaign. We will work with you and the team to develop a production schedule for your project, agreeing on key milestones (allowing time for contingencies).

5. Project Duration:

Your account manager will adhere to the timescales set out on your schedule and will ensure key milestones are being met. Each manager ensures quality checks are completed, which are further supported by internal checks by your company for all printed item proofs. Our team will make sure that communication is as frequent as needed to ensure deadlines are being met.

Certifications & Policies

Here at Print Image Network, we have a strict range of policies that govern our actions and working practices for the benefit of our customers and the service we provide.
ISO 9001 & ISO 27001
IIP Gold
Cyber Essentials
Core Policies
Health & Safety
Equal Opportunities

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