Paper Wrap Mailings

An environmentally friendly alternative to polywrap.
Our paper wrap solution for direct mail is a robust, non-plastic and eco-friendly solution to enclose magazines, brochures and catalogues with the ability to include up to nine inserts.

Paper Wrap

Paper wrap mailing packs are proving extremely popular in publishing and commercial markets. 100% recyclable, paper wrap is less harmful to our planet than plastic poly wrap. Machine-readable, it also qualifies for discounted Royal Mail services, including Mailmark®, which polywrap and starch-based wraps do not. Plus, it is fully customisable – offering limitless design opportunities, which provides a more enticing and engaging piece of mail for your readers.

Paper Wrap Benefits

Sustainable Product:

An eco-friendly and recyclable plastic alternative (supports ISO14001).

Postage Savings:

Paper wrap packs are eligible for Royal Mail’s (cost-effective) Mailmark® service.

Personalised Inserts:

All inserts can be personalised to the individual recipient.

Customisable Design:

From plain outer wraps to full-colour imagery and design, there are endless options for design and promotion.

Multiple Inserts:

Insert hoppers can handle up to nine different inserts per mailing pack.

Consolidate Mailings:

Separate mailings can be combined in one pack (postage savings).

Size Options:

Can accommodate different size mailings (A5, A4 plus bespoke).

Robust & Durable:

Robust enough to withstand the handling involved in postal processing.

Case Study

Client: Our client is an association that is dedicated to conservation.

Project: We undertake the paper wrapping of its membership magazine.

Solution: Previously, the association used poly wrap but opted to switch to a paper wrap mailing pack due to its environmental benefits. Once a year the new pack also contains personalised ballot information around the time of its elections, which directs the members to vote online or participate in the paper ballot.

Results: The combination of the paper wrap solution saves the association £1000s in printing and postage costs each year. The previous poly wrap solution has a higher postage rate as it is more difficult to put through Royal Mail machines.

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