Network Post Hybrid Mail

Network Post is our hybrid mail solution. Hybrid mail means the process is split between the user and the print and mailing company. Hybrid Mail allows users to create letters and mailings on their office or home computer and send them to a central, secure facility for printing and mailing.

Manage mailings of all sizes

Clients can send as few or as many letters as possible, there are no minimum quantities. Whatever the quantity, Network Post offers a professional print and mail service from offices and homes and is the ideal solution for clients looking for an efficient and cost-effective way of printing.

It is easy to install and simple to use. Once you have created your document and selected the Network Post printer driver, we do the rest. The service works best for colour or black and white A4 mailings, with or without printed attachments that can fit into C5 or DL envelopes. All mailings can be fully personalised with dynamic mail merge fields. If required, you will also have access to our support team to help you through the set-up.
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Benefits of Hybrid Mail

Print & Mail Savings
Save time and money on your mailings by streamlining your in-house process.
Easy to Install
Simply download our Network Post hybrid mail printer driver to your laptop or PC.
Use Anywhere
Can be used wherever you are based, be it home, the office, or elsewhere.
Flexible Printing
Print as few or as many mailings as you need! No minimum quantity required.
Safe & Secure
Your data is securely processed using the highest strength encryption.
Stationery Uploads
No pre-printed stationery is needed as background templates can be uploaded.
Colour Options
Print in full colour or black and white, whichever suits your needs and budget.
Postage Options
Choose from 1st or 2nd class mailing options.
Monthly Invoice
One itemised monthly invoice to track spending.
User Portal
Track all your hybrid mail activity via our secure user portal.

Departmental Usage

Hybrid Mail can be used by multiple users and every department within your organisation, making it run more efficiently by saving time and money. The main administrator can assign users from multiple departments across your company. The Network Post printer driver can be downloaded to a PC or laptop or to a network, making it accessible to everyone.
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